• The Last Stand – Northern Europe

    The book of The Last Stand, published by Triplekite, is now available to pre order via this link.

    Award winner at 2012 Terry O’Neill Awards.

    This page shows just 13 of the full set of 86 images.


    Since 2010 I have been photographing the images that make up The Last Stand. This piece of work aims to reflect the histories and stories military conflict and the memories held in the landscape itself. The series is made up of 86 images and is documenting some of the physical remnants of the Second World War on the coastlines of the British Isles and Northern Europe, focusing on military defence structures that remain and their place in the shifting landscape that surrounds them. Many of these locations are no longer in sight, either subsumed or submerged by the changing sands and waters or by more human intervention. At the same time others have re-emerged from their shrouds.

    Over these four years I have travelled 23,000 miles to 143 locations to capture these images along the coastlines of the UK, The Channel Islands, Northern & Western France, Denmark, Belgium and Norway.

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    “Whilst Wilson utilises the language of the landscape photograph, The Last Stand is far removed from the genre in the traditional sense, firmly placing him within a small group of contemporary photographers whose work — whilst landscape in nature — has more in common with that of the documentary photographer.”

    Wayne Ford former art director of The Observer’s award winning colour magazine & Design Director of Haymarket Business Media 


    The project is supported by:

    The Royal Armouries Museum
    Spectrum Photographic (Exhibition printing)
    Labyrinth Photographic (Film Processing)

    Exhibitions & selected articles

    2014 – Peacock Visual Arts – Aberdeen
    2014 – Design Observer
    2013 – Guardian online
    2013-2014 – The Royal Armouries Museum – Leeds
    2013 – Anise Gallery, London
    2013 – Culture 24
    2013 – The Royal Armouries Museum – Fort Nelson
    2013 – Photomonitor
    2013 – BBC Online – In Pictures
    2013 – Eyestorm gallery at The AAF, London & New York
    2013 – Terry O’Neill Award touring exhibition at Lucy Bell gallery
    2013 – The Terry O’Neill Award Exhibition at The Strand Gallery
    2013 – Sunday Times Spectrum magazine
    2012 – aCurator



  • Sainte-Marguerite-sur-mer, Upper Normandy, France. 2012
  • Newburgh I, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. 2012
  • Brean Down II, Somerset, England. 2012
  • Cramond Island, Firth of Forth, Scotland. 2012
  • Widemouth Bay, Cornwall, England. 2011
  • Studland Bay I, Dorset, England. 2011
  • Spurn Point, Yorkshire, England. 2012
  • Torcross, Devon, England. 2011
  • Hayling Island, Hampshire. England. 2013
  • Loch Ewe, North West Highlands, Scotland. 2012
  • Bredene I, Oostende, Belgium. 2012
  • Wissant II,  Nord-Pas-De-Calais, France. 2012
  • Lossiemouth II, Moray, Scotland. 2011
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